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Pleasure is liquid

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Squirt is the liquid of female pleasure, and unlike female ejaculation, this is voluntary, caused and generated by the Skene glands, composed mainly of diluted urine and expelled by the urethra. Although achieving it does not have to be an objective, trying it can be a pleasure game to enjoy alone or in company, since it is a sexual manifestation that is not necessarily linked to orgasm.

Here are some basic tips to start exploring and enjoying Squirting: Relax and forget the goal. It's about playing and feeling good. Experiment with your whole body and get carried away by the sensations. Enjoy your genitals with manual techniques and if you do it, do not hesitate to tell them how you prefer it Use lubricant, as much as you want to stimulate the G-spot with a massage that gradually increases the pressure and frequency It also stimulates the clitoris to maximize arousal and ... ... If you feel like peeing, relax and enjoy yourself, you're on the right track.


Size matters?

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Long, short, thick, thin, with a curve to the right or to the left, without a curve, small and large, each with its own characteristics, but there is another issue that should be used as an advantage in sex: the shape.

Here are some tips so you can discover the best sexual positions for each type of penis: - Curved penis: your ideal positions are the spoon and the scissors. - Penis pencil, straight and pointed, ideal for classic postures and the most suitable for anal sex. - Mushroom penis, with the glans thicker than the trunk. Yours is the missionary and oral sex. - Banana penis, wider in the middle of the trunk, ideal for the puppy and the spoon. - Pyramid penis, with the widest trunk. The most recommended positions are those in which the couple has control. Ready to enjoy it to the fullest?



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